Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

We are a seed production company, with geographical footprint in states that represent more than 70% of the national territory, operating in the Brazilian Midwest, Southeast, North and Northeast regions.

With the production of certified seeds in partnership with the largest technological breeders, we present a complete portfolio and offer treatments with various chemical and genetic components adapted to guarantee high rates of germination and vigor.

Always seeking to innovate with cutting-edge technologies and excellence in quality at all stages, our processing units are located in strategic regions to safeguard the best quality of the seeds.

Our Units

Our Seed Processing Units are located in the cities of Formosa and Cabeceiras, in the State of Goiás, Buritis, in the State of Minas Gerais and in the Federal District. Those are regions with altitudes starting at 920 meters, which have an average rainfall of up to 1,200 mm a year and with little rain during harvest, points that contribute significantly to the production of higher-quality seeds. There are five Units that together produce almost 3 million 40-kg sacks of soybean seeds.

Our Strengths

The strength and pioneering spirit of the Boa Safra brand

We are recognized in the soybean seed market because we have one of the most complete portfolios (there are more than 30 varieties), with different types of treatment so that the rural producer can choose the most suitable for his region and climate. The distribution is carried out by about 500 resellers of agricultural products that ensure the dissemination of our seeds in states that represent over 70% of the national territory.

Quality of our seeds

We are a benchmark for seed quality because the seeds are stored in cold chambers that allow high germination rates, above 90%, and vigor. In addition, to ensure quality, we have an analysis laboratory where our technical team performs tests on all lots in order to verify the vigor and germination of the seeds.

Scalable business model

We adopt a production model that uses integrated rural producers, who are responsible for the production of soybeans, corn and beans. With this business model, we do not need to invest in cultivation areas, a model that stands out in the seed production business.

Long-term relationship with suppliers

Since 2005, we have been partners with world-renowned seed genetics and technology companies such as Bayer, Syngenta, Basf, Corteva, Brasmax, Nidera, and Syngenta. We have long-standing relationships with our integrated rural producers.

Present in a sector with a high growth rate

We operate in the agribusiness input sector, which, from 2010 to 2019, grew an average of 8.1% per year, according to the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics/Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture of the University of São Paulo (CEPEA/ESALQ). In 2019/20, soybean production reached around 125 million tons, consolidating Brazil as the largest producer of this grain.

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to improving our planet and we are dedicated to finding solutions that propel us towards a more sustainable future.

Among the actions and programs adopted in the company are the recognition awarded with the Instituto Chico Mendes Green Seal, in 2018 and 2019, for our responsible social and environmental management. The Seal is the result of native seedlings from the cerrado region that we maintain for reforestation purposes, which are distributed to integrated producers and public schools in the rural area.

In one of our units, a photovoltaic power station was installed, with cutting-edge technologies that will reduce pollution and carbon rates, with clean, natural, infinite and renewable solar energy.

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