Analyst Coverage

Bank Analyst Contact Recommendation Target Price Date
Santander S.A. Guilherme Palhares e Laura Hirata
Buy R$22.00 03/25/2024
Bradesco BBI Leandro Andres Ferlini Fontanesi Buy R$ 21.00 03/10/2024
BTG Pactual Henrique Brustolin Buy R$ 20.00 02/19/2024
XP Pedro Fonseca Buy R$ 21.70 03/12/2024
Genial Lucas Bonventi and Igor Guedes
Buy R$ 19.00 03/12/2024
Eleven Niels Tahara Buy R$ 18.00 08/10/2023
Suno João Daronco Buy R$ 16.50 11/10/2023
Itaú Daniel Sasson and Larissa Perez
Buy R$ 18.00 02/06/2024
TC Matrix Vinicius Steniski Buy R$ 17.00 11/10/2023
Ticker Research Matheus Bicalho Sanches Buy R$ 19.00 12/07/2023
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